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Beauty Angel at a Glance

The Beauty Angel system is a 90 day program with 12 minute sessions, 3-4 times a week.  The Beauty Angel has 30 full body red light lamps and does not emit UVA or UVB.  After you finish the program it is recommended that you do 1 maintenance session a week.  The Beauty Angel`s stimulating combination of platform vibration powered exercise, illuminated ambient warmth and the application of proprietary skin care formulations helps to firm and tone the appearance of the muscles and skin.  Combining this treatment with the skin care products specifically designed for red light therapy will optimize the overall benefit of the system.

*We recommend:

-That protective eyewear is worn

-Pregnant women or people that are taking certain medications or have a serious condition, such as epilepsy, should not use this unit

*Client results may vary given their skin condition as well as age.

The Beauty Angel system is a:

-Full body exercise and toning system

-Makes you look and feel great!

-Energizing 12 minute workout

-Powered exercise and Vibra-Shape technology combined with Beauty Light lamps

-Helps work muscle groups: Legs, Abs, Arms, Glutes

-Firms and tones the body

4 Levels of interval training: Beginner to Advanced

-Light based climate enhanced environment

-Pure beauty for your skin and body

-Glowing complexion

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